CERN: part 1

Standard Model -The Story of “Quantum Mechanics”

The “Standard Model” is a fifty (plus) year old model (theory) that has successfully predicted the existence of many sub-atomic particles, which incidentally, many of them were discovered at CERN (by earlier experiments in the latter part of the last century). This theory (Standard Model), also predicts the existence of yet another particle, the Higgs Boson that must have existed in the extreme heat of the Big bang (in its early stage, when the universe was only few billionth-of-a-second old). From the diminishment of the Higgs Bosons came the propagation of conditions (Higgs Field) that caused the existence of “matter” in the universe…

Finding (creating) this theoretical particle, Higgs Boson, is the ultimate goal of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, ATLAS Experiments. These experiments, in their own rights are mini big-bangs (collisions) created within the core of ATLAS. The aftermath of each collision holds the promise of discovery that a Higgs Boson “had come into existence for a moment and transformed into other particles” leaving a mesmerizing array of traces of secondary particles detected by ATLAS’s large collection of detectors.

CERN -Large Hadron Collider
The European Organization for Nuclear Research 

View of the ATLAS detector during July 2007 – Photo by CERN
The beautiful (unintentional) symmetry of this machine, seems to be “hinting” at what the “origin” may have been like… Symmetrical in all Directions…
And, the “Broken Symmetry” that ensued…

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